Kansas City or bust

So i'llbe heading back to the great city of Kansas City (both Missouri and Kansas) on Oct 9th and 10th.  On the 9th i'llbe popping into Stanford and Son's the club I first performed at for a quick rehearsal for the big event the next night.  On Wed. the 10th i'll be hosting the Nug Life fall line launch party at the Riot Room in Westport.  The party starts at 8 and goes until 2am i'll be hosting and slanging jokes all throughout  the night.


Portland bound.

So I know this is last last minute but next week i'm coming to the North West.   I'll be featuring with the very funny Maz Jobrani (Axis of evil comedy tour, Friday, Comedy Central) and doing a "clean" 25min set.  The shows are at the Helium club thurs-saturday night.  Can't wait to get back to Portland.  

Helium Comedy Club  (

1510 S.E. 9th ave.

Portland, OR  97214


Labor Day already.

So i'm sorry you pissed away your short and busy summer.  I on the other hand enjoyed the hell out of mine and ended my summer with a bang.  Spent the weekend in Vegas and got to see not only good friend Leslie Jones perform on friday but also saw Slightly Stoopid perform with 311 on saturday.   I topped it all off with a great show at the Lajolla Comedy Store on sunday and made it back to LA just in time for Labor Day.

So for those of you who wondered why I didn't have any video on the site here you go.  It's an old clip but it's the best I can do for now.   

an old classic clip from a few years ago


Summer's almost over

Busy busy busy.  So i'm currently submitting to the Seattle and San Fransisco comedy festivals (i'll know in a few weeks if i'm accepted).  I'm trying to get back to the Mid-West soon for all you old school comedy fans.  I'll keep you posted with new dates as theyre available.  It's been a great summer so far and looking very much forward to the final month. 


Why the road is work (July/Aug)

 Okay so it's not that much work but try driving a 1,000 miles just within Missouri and Nebraska in five days.   Thank you to Colleen and everyone at the Funnybone in Omaha.  Had fun sweating my ass off in that beautiful 102 degree Nebraska heat.  Seriously though all the shows had huge crowds and went great. 

But before I even dreamed of Omaha my first stop was at The Steel Gallery in Kansas City for the Nug Life launch party.  This show included a pool table 10 feet from the stage, a 10' half pipe skate ramp right behind the stage (with people skating it) and 50 rowdy audience members.  The party was a success and the show was....I'd say, an experience.  Go check out my boys at www.NugLifeWorld.comthey're awsome.  


The Nug Life "Royals" shirt given out to the first 25 who attended the launch party. They sponsor                                                                                                                                                                                    

 The Flyer for the show at Lindbergs Springfield,MO


But one of the highlights of the whole trip was making it back to Lindbergs in beautiful and historic Springfield, Missouri.  I had performed once before at Lindbergs back in January for the sole purpose of performing finally for The Hillbenders.  Old friends and great musicans the guys had never seen me on stage so together we put the show together and had one hell of a night.  Six months later im back at Lindbergs with half the crowd as before but twice as much fun.  Made fun of some of the local subtle racism, 60 somethings owning large yauchts and still being able to have sex.  Thanks to local guys Matt Scheele, Matt Barnes for being cool and funny as hell.                    


 Upon my return to Los Angeles I jumped off the plane and headed straight to the Echo Plex for Prince Jazzbo and The Expanders.  Jazzbo was okay but the Expanders as usual killed it and had the place going crazy.   From LA I headed down south to San Diego for a few shows at the Comedy Store in La Jolla and for the Nug Life Radio party.  The shows went great and met a lot of new Jon Schieszer fans (Jon Schieszer loves third person) and can't wait to get back.  Stay tuned and i'll hopefully see you in a city near you soon. @JonSchieszer

Picture from the Comedy Store condo in Pacific Beach

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