SPORTSAHOLIX #111 w/ Marty Albert @GringoXolos




We're happy to have @GringoXolos Marty Albert on this week. He tells us how to escape to Tijuana to experience some of the best soccer and tacos in North America.  Great insight into the San Diego/ Tijuana partnership. Why you shouldn't have two fantasy teams and the RedSox look good. 

Video of Marty's trip down south to T.J. 


#110 Kaepernick's not the worst and MLB playoffs

Great episode this week as we cover just about everything in the Sports news in about an hour and a half.  49ers/MLB Playoffs/ Kaepernick/ Ted Williams and i'm forgetting some. 

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Kaepernick Refuses To Open Budweiser "America" at San Diego bar and offends Bro's

Last night in downtown San Diego, Colin Kaepernick stirred up even more controversy when he refused to open a can of Budweiser "America".   
Colin and BUDShane Sampson of nearby Pacific Beach witnessed the incident and was disgusted. "If you're gonna be handed a cold bottle of America, from a friend, and not open that cold bottle of America, then you probably hate American troops, American cars, Hamburgers and King of Queens and the Rolling Stones. That's someone who I don't want my kids watching on TV"  Budweiser officials could not be reached for comment as they are owned by AB inBev In Lueven, Belgium and a Dutch interpreter was unable to be reached.  But as long as inBev/ Budweiser keeps on making "America" just know that Colin might prefer a Modelo.



Jarrod Dyson VS. Bo Jackson -The Greatest Royals catch ever?


      Look, I used to hate Jarrod Dyson, I'm serious.  When he broke in with the Royals in 2010/11 I said to myself "oh good, a crappier Joey Gathright, just what we need" BUT in the five years since he's won Kansas City and myself over.  After robbing the first ever home run in Miami's park, he's now officially tops on my Royals jersey's to buy list.  After watching the catch I now have serious doubts as to who holds the greatest catch in Kansas City Royals baseball history.  For me the greatest catch in a Royals uniform until last night was Bo Jackson's legendary run up the wall at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium in 1990.   Opting not to slam into a wall face first Vincent "Bo" Jackson instead runs right up the outfield wall after making a long catch on the run.   Very impressive for sure BUT with the center field fence height at 11'6" the catch from the 5'10" Dyson becomes just a little more impressive.  I would consider Jim Edmonds and his over the shoulder catch against the Royals in 1997 but I lost all respect for him as soon as he showed up on The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

    As we're distracted by the Royals Rally Mantis run this October and November lets not lose sight of Kansas City's hidden gem, Jarrod Dyson.   A .245 batting average with 17 RBI's in 82 games doesn's sound that great but he's quietly become the reliable Royal over the past three years.  Quietly is the key here. He's never griped over playing time, as he's usually the first starter to lose their job out of spring training.  Backed up Aoki(who couldn't run on a straight line to save his life)  in 2014, split time with Paulo last year and again this year was waiting for any Alex Gordon injury to get consistent playing time.  Look, if he was batting .295 I'm sure he'd get some more playing time.  There's not one person, Ned Yost included, who would have bet Paulo Orlando would bat .300 for three quarters of a Major League Baseball season.  Good old bad luck for Dyson, or good luck if you're a Royals fan, has kept Jarrod from becoming a full time starter as he's always just barely outplayed by everyone else.  Lack of playing time hasn't kept him from becoming a fan favorite in Kansas City.  There's just a certain level of confidence that oozes out of him onto the rest of the team, even out-oozing Hosmer's ooze, when Dyson is out on the field.  If the Royals need a run and Dyson is on base, there's no doubt in the fans mind he'll end up on third base and eventually score on a pop-fly.  He invented "Dat's what speed do", mimicked a motorcycle with the "vroom vroom" wheelie after stealing bags in the playoffs, which are all fan favorites.  On a team FULL of all-stars and big names with medium sized contracts, Jarrod Dyson continues to be one of the most favored player's on the Royals roster, on or off the field. 







#109 Erik returns from Rio and Royals/Redsox playoff runs. 

Great stories from Brazil and what to avoid when you take your next trip to the Olympics + Redsox and Royals playoff outlooks.